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LiyahMoni; born in Springfield, Ohio and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She was raised in a single parent home with two younger half siblings. LiyahMoni voices her daily struggles throughout her music; from having issues with her father, relationships, and struggles that her family has faced emotionally and financially. Her smooth delivery and poetic word play catches anyone’s attention and allows them to fall in love with her musically.

LiyahMoni fell in love with writing music at the age of eight. Her influences were MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, EVE, Lauryn Hill, and Da Brat. She loved seeing women rock the microphone. However, she grew up on soul/r&b music she was not blessed with the vocals to pursue that field. That did not stop her from writing songs for that genre. At the age of fifteen she began recording covers to her favorite songs and posting the videos on YouTube. After getting recognition locally and out of state her supporters grew and so did her confidence. She became acquainted with local independent artists and then joined Priceless Entertainment. 

LiyahMoni released her first mixtape The New Girl in 2011. Then after she released Harley Quinn, and Dysfunctional – EP. She has recently released an LP titled, Mad.Afro.Chic. Which has set a tone for the local music scene.